A Memoir of the End of Time (INtroduction and Chapters)

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This is a diary, about a question and alot of answers, a memoir, written by a Human which has known since i was born, that i am not in this body for me.  I remember being born, very premature at 4 lbs 7 ounces on 4 7 1980.  These numbers, 4 and 7, would become a harmonic code which i would discover through my experiences with studying the Maya Calendar systems, Native American and other Cultures which where conscious of living in Harmony with the Earth and Celestial Bodies.  I was immediately taken to an incubator after the umbilical cut.  This was entrance into the world, in a military hospital, right after before birth, i had been conscious, it was a difficult birth for my mother and I, she hardly suvived, and i knew for some reason that something wasn’t right, it was almost as if my body could not hold my spirit, or my spirit could not communicate with the undeveloped body, either way, i just remember the circle of angels surrounding me, and as something was about to end, i remember the angels being like, “not uh”  and i was filled with radiant divine light and love.  Now as i write this i realeyes that this synonymous to the world condition, everyone is so wrapped up in the 2012 phenomenon they are all missing out on the meat and potatoes of the transitional energies that are possible right now.  RIGHT NOW.  So as i discovered working for 3 summers with a very mysterious Maya Daykeeper named Meryl, whom taught to me through a book titled “Jaguar Wisdom” By Kenneth Johnson, which i had been guided to study and work with for a couple of years before meeting Meryl.  A great resource for tradtitional Maya Calendrical wisdoms and ceremonial practices of Maya Shamanism. By the way, i keep wanting to say Mayan Calendar however, the indigenous Maya say only use Mayan when referring to their language.  It seems to make sense.  and I like ending words with A better than an N.   I visited the Highland Jungles of Guatemala, Belize and Lago Atitlan in search of some clarity into the abundance of misinformation i had been exposed to while working for Jose Arguelles’ Planet Art Network, simultaneously collaborating with and having the fortunate blessing of getting to know John Major Jenkins.  I would like to thank John Major Jenkins and Jose Arguelles, for responding to my cry for harmony between their works.  While facilitating the Planet Art Network gatherings in Boulder Colorado, often being graced with John Major’s presense as well as Jonathn Zap a local Jungian and I Ching Dream Interpreter, it became apparent that there was a major schism in the understandings based around the Maya Calendar system.  Many people would want to discredit Jose’s work as being non traditional or made up, and that it was “given” to him by an artist in the Yucatan.  And then people in the Jose camp would say that John Major was to rigid and and scientific.  I certainly appreciated both channels of information, as i felt that the 13 Moon Calendar, widely promoted by Jose Arguelles cared to my creative input sensors and archytypal self realization.  While i truly appreciated John Major Jenkin’s work for its in depth visionary perspective of the Sacred Science of the Maya, often John’s references were ancient stones, and the words of the Elders.  For some reason i felt a clear Truth with Jose’s work, now almost a decade later i understand first hand where Jose Arguelles was coming from, and that , he being of Maya ancestry had received a traditional transmission from the Yucatec Maya Culture.  You see it seems, and was confirmed in my travels to the lands of the Maya that when the conquest happened, the Day keepers of the Maya, and migrated to the inner and upper regions of Meso America.  Thus when one begins a journey into learning about the Maya Calendar one will find that the information will often be different.  Such as I am a 5 (overtone) Jaguar in the traditional Tzolkin Maya LongCount tradition, and an 8 (Galactic) Moon in the Dreamspell Yucatec Count.  The most important aspect of utilizing the 13:20 Calendar is the harmonic nature it is embedded with.  More information on this later.

In my childhood i would sit by the banks of the Mississippi River from and island not sure if it is in Illinois or it is in Iowa.  To the North a causeway surrounded by murky muddy waters and endless backwater channels of land and water.  Sandy island were where i spent most of my childhood, from a canoe, or flatboat, houseboat, waverunner, or simply by swimming or making a raft.  I would certainly find myself wondering the backwoods and waterways which would eventually lead to the scariest and often enlightening experiences of my life.  I would endlessly communicate with stones, waters, winds and stars to lucid precision until i was contented in my endless knowing brought to truth by my own experience.  This was all i could do, i was raised Luthern, i used to fill Communion Cups and ring the Sunday Church Bells, Break Bread and Sing Hymns like i had done it forever.  I did not have any judgement on what was going on, people were just doing the best they could with what they had.  It should not be the current systems and natural dogma we perceive that we rebel against, which often ends up being our own familys and those we are close to.  Why is what everyone is working with , ALL THEY GOT?  Because the victors in wars for this Kali Yuga cycle have had domain over what information was passed on and they chose poorly.  Often only sharing the implemented control dramas by which created the wars which put them in the place to make rules for other people.  The same things that happened to them, they did unto others.  The time for this to end is now, as you read this, as i take great pride in being a Father for this very reason, how i can end centuries of implanted behavioral patterns simply by choice.  Thus in those times i experienced what i had without judgement and fear because it is all i knew.  However a part of me knew better.  And this part is why i am writing this book, this is the question and answer part of the memoir.  Answer?  Well i will let you figure those out for yourself.  I am writing to share my personal experience of dying 3 times, and what that has given me in regards to living.  It is hard to take the bullshit seriously AT ALL, carrying that type of memory.  Thus i learned very quickly, that i am not in this body, to serve me.  I have learned and chosen to be here to serve the planet and my fellow human family.  I have known that many of the profound experiences of my life, where not for me, but for me to share.  May the light and love i have received be shared, expanded and evolved into its perfect pallet upon your life experience however you choose to accept it.

1 The Nile of America: Mississippian and Moundbuilders, the island

2 New JerUSAlum: Colorado/Crestone

3 Atlantean Initiations: Florida

4 The Path of the Djed: California

5 Lemurian Melodies/ Maui.

6 Egyptian Red Rocks: Grand Canyon/Sedona.

7 Walking the Red Road: Prayer Run.

8 The Path of the Jaguar: Guatemala AM 2005.

9 Many faces of Merlin:

10 Harmonizing 2012: Jose and John Major dissertation

11 Star Borne Memories, Entering the Brotherhood of Light.

12 The Lost Wisdom of the Arc.

13 Maya Yok’Ha: Secrets of the Chakra Temples.

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