Welcome to the Foundation For Global Unity: Gate 13

An Educational 501 (c) 3 Non Profit.  Dedicated to the restoration of Peace on Earth and Sustainability.  Implementation, Support and Education of modern Science and Ancient Wisdoms.  Utilizing this synergy we hold space for the greatest potential good to manifest in our communities and globally.  Through awareness of accepting where the world is right now in this moment, we hold space for not the destruction, but the integration of resources available to move into a healthy future.  Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to donate and assist with our current mission objectives.  In Lakech Ala Kin~

A Mystery School is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature. By understanding these mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with divinity, and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his/her inner god.”

From ‘The Mystery Schools’ 1999 by Grace F. Knoche

What if Earth is a starship navigated by the collective conscious?  And at certain harmonic points in the celestial cycles, Earth’s collective consciousness along with Human’s, guides our solar system to it’s destination.  As Quantum physics has discovered.  The Center of the Universe, is not just a black whole, but a WHITE hole as well!  This could very well relate to the study of dark matter as well relating directly to the collective sub/unconscious of Humanity.  Maybe, Human’s have the opportunity once again to recalibrate our relationship to the Earth and the Cosmos.  Gate 13 is dedicated to finding the tools and applying them in a conscious and intentional way to assist with the Harmonization of the Planets, and our Societies. 

What if media manipulation of this field has caused a needed consciousness activated remedy.

What if our our DNA and conscious activation activates the earth’s mind and heart?

What if on Dec 21st of this year our collective consciousness will ultimately affect the next 26,000 year cycle. 

Here at your personal entrance to conscious alignment with Earth and Self.

It seems as though we are all individually, collectively, and planetarily transforming on a mass scale.  There is cause and demand to break self and society down into fundamental truths and systems, on an archetypal level we can find the building blocks to how the structures can most harmoniously be navigated and co navigated into the future.  To ensure an integral step in the future.  This journey can allow one to reach personal alignment and conscious connection to the Earth, and other elements.  To allow basic understanding and re patterning of the building blocks of creation  Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.  Square, Circle, Triangle, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, North, South, East, West, and Within.  In this way of centered being, we can allow for the grand balancing of opposites.  Fire/Water, Male/Female, Above/Below, Without Within, etc.  We need not get so caught up in the details of how the balancing takes place.  More advancement occurs on the path through surrender and conscious awareness.  Where these fundamental building blocks can naturally re order.  It may be the imbalance of the human’s unconscious projections and control dramas.

During meditation I often see the star systems and constellations unwinding and unlocking which create geometric patterns as well as a fine activation of the pineal gland, often leading to profound astral journeys.  These visions have inspired a look into the earth being a timeship/starship.  What if the earth was navigated not only atmospherically but stellarly by the collective consciousness of all life upon her?  Good thing the animals and elementals are still here and the eternal dreams of those inspired by knowing the inherent perfection of creation.  Because if it were up to those who have assumed control over the Earth and her resources we would be in for quite a ride.  Its a good thing that creation always creates and antidote for the imbalance, or disease.  And even residing in a neutral non conditioned state will allow the antidote to just about anything.  Thus, what if the beginning of each Yuga, ie : marker date 12:21:12  is the point of harmonic alignment where all things in creation become balanced, in perfection, as a lot of Indigenous and Wisdom traditions are sharing with us at this time?  What if we could and in fact are navigating the Earth and our solar system into a new home for the next 26,000 year cycle?  What if our sun IS the 7th star of the Pleiadian System, the 7th sister?  Why is it that most humans cannot see the 7th star of the Pleiades?  Hunbatz Men outlines how the Earth’s sun is in the 7th star of the Pleiades and that the planets and solar systems are re working their cycles, and that our solar system and others may actually change their positions in the heavenly skies, in his book “8 Calendars of the Maya: Key to Destiny.”  These statements led me to believe that we may potentially be the co navigational pilots of spaceship Earth.  And are awakening to the depths of our collective truth so that our planet may be safely navigated through this hypothetical cosmic dance.  Mars turning retrograde for 2 years during the 2012-2013 transition surely may signify the halting of the gears of control and masculine dominated society, bringing the feminine/Goddess aspect into Harmony Universally and allowing the 2,000 years of Peace to unfold before our very eyes.  I do believe regardless if this scenario is true that humans (HU: Greek for Light) have the opportunity to co create the highest and most positive reality.  I do believe we have the ability to rise above the conditioned mistakes of the past inspired the rise of industrialism.  Coming to balance with all things currently in creation not to call upon the destruction of but the reordering of.  The grand re thinking is taking place on all levels so that all of the greatest aspirations for good may manifest.  This is an invitation to you, fellow seeker of Truth, fellow Human family, to allow the non conditioned state of creation’s perfection to be.  In the silence between may we cultivate the perfection of what it means to be human.

May the Four Winds Blow in Peace

Tuvasana Esteban Soma-Hank

Er Rai Melik of the Melchizedek Ra Lineages

And all those that came before and shall come to be


Co Founder @ Gate 13:a project of: ” 501 (c) 3 Foundation for Global Unity”

We at Gate-13 feel the need to preserve the Indigenous and Ancient Wisdoms gained by Elder’s and Wisdom Keeper’s of their respective cultures and authentic lineages. We intend to utilize these wisdoms in an experiential and applicable way in our modern world system to create a model on the path to the 5th World paradigm of Peace, Global Unity and Attunement to our Cosmic Heritage.

Gate-13 is a result of a natural demand from diverse peer groups to learn of a new way of living sustainably, holistically, and in alignment with Spiritual values creating a Positive influence in the Mundane World.

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