Hunbatz Men’s Maya Yoga Workbook

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Tuvasana has been asked by Maya Elder Hunbatz Men to Edit for Publication, including adding first hand experienc, to his Maya Yoga Educational Manual.  As well as to teach and share through classes of this once hidden ancient system of Yoga, Indigenous to our Sacred Turtle Island.

YM Title Page

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Tuvasana offers an introductionary class on Maya Elder Hunbatz Men’s Maya Yok’Hah (Yoga) System.  As well as a 5-7 day intensive which covers 8 different “modes” combining the 5 elements listed below. Along with over 10 years of working intimately with the Maya Culture, Tuva will share the Enlightened side of the Mayan Culture, as an offering to the dissolution of doomsday surrounding 2012.  This reveals an ancient and modern recognized connection to the Tibetan yogic systems.  In this system, there are Eight total focused disciplines which contain (5 Elements): yogic postures, mudras, mantras, breathing and meditations, which connect us to our Cosmic and Earth Source within, while gaining a deep sense of spiritual communion and expansion through these, once hidden, ancient teachings.

Please feel free to PURCHASE Hunbatz’ Pre Published edition to support the final product.  All contributors will be awarded a digital copy of the finished work as well.  To do so simply go to the paypal link and donate a suggested contribution of $33.  And you will be promptly sent the :SECURE: PDF file to read online or print for your Spiritual Education in Maya Mysticism.   Please note Maya Yoga in the message form and email to ensure proper delivery…  We currently CANNOT ACCEPT Paypal payments.

Maestro Hunbatz Men will receive 50% of all monies raised through this fund…  The rest will support our co works together.  Which includes the erection of an Ancestral Temple near Crestone Colorado on 40 acres of Pristine land near the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  As well as continuing the sharing of the Enlightened side of the Ancient and Modern Maya Culture.


“Where the Ancient Webs of Wisdom Meet the Modern Webs of Technology”

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