JIM STARRY and the Starrport – the Economic Airport

JIM STARRY and the Starrport – the Economic Airport


Building airports the way they are presently done will kill the planet. It is of utmost urgence to reverse the gargantuan use of resources which drives aviation into bankruptcy. Major airlines go belly up. This happened in January 2010 with JAL Japan Airlines, and recently (again) with American Airlines.

The Starrport has 123 opportunities to turn the tide. Jim Starry’s solutions will allow aviation to become profitable again, while saving lives (look http://www.areco.org for EPA cancer studies for Minneapolis) and sparing the environment. Some of these technologies, Jim never shared with anyone yet.

Jim Starry’s timely offer for a consultancy contract:

Your airport as a Starrport for a one time fee of $ 1 Million (for airports with up to 1.000 flights per day), plus 10% of the fuel savings for the next five years, payable each month. A thorough analysis of your requirements and the present situation will be part of this deal.

Contact us today to profit from this timely deal.

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