:::Role of an Inter-Planetary Ambassador By Dr. Raja:::


Dr. Raja of StarDoves returns to the Yucatan in 2012 to deliver a State of the Planet Global Report to the Omniverse … Moira will join Raja from Venus as StarDoves Present a Special Workshop here titled:  “2012 From An Aquarian Inter-Planetary Perspective” – the significance of this event in the cosmos cannot be overestimated.


:::Role of an Inter-Planetary Ambassador By Dr. Raja:::

An ambassador, in whatever position or setting, is simply a person authorized to convey the interests of one group to representatives of another. Ambassadors can be informal, as in a celebrity working to spread a nation’s goodwill to others, or formalized through the appointment of an official charged with acting on behalf of a head of state. In this more formal role, Inter-Planetary Ambassador Dr. Raja will issue a report upon the state of condition of the planet and also of the Inter Planetary Confederation and the things here at 2012, the Turn of the Ages.  In the address, Raja will introduce Light-Based policy interests universally. This includes everything from inter-planetary trade regulations to alliances, cultural exchanges and furtherance of Light-Values. The ambassador will also often provide guidance and counsel to the people from the Ascended Masters regarding vital issues involving the Earth, such as coming changes.  Vital information for social change, human rights, feeding the poor and helping children and the infirm.  The most important role is to promote Unconditional Love and world peace via Omniversal Peace.



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