Celebrities, Musicians, Althletes and YOU… Imagine you and your top 5 favorite charities getting paid EVERY time you liked something!

THIS JUST IN!   Sponsors, Members, and Charity’s working together to pay everyone for their unique, public, and lifetime of social internet interests.  Imagine you and your top 5 favorite charities getting paid EVERY time you liked something!  That is only the first step.  Welcome to a new way of economic and social philanthropy which is revolutionizing the way we see “value” into a more holistic and practical paradigm.  The imagining is OVER.  Join today this invite only prelaunch social marketing for charity and step INto the new paradigm, and leave the words for the celebration parties.  Imagine instantly turning your fanbase, and or followers into instant credit for social change and enlightement!  Its here now, i hope your are 🙂

From:      Tuvasana Soma-Hank
Director, Foundation for Global Unity (a 501-c3)

Re:      ‎$137BB to Humanity  from Noninvasive, User Centric, Media ‎Monetizing Brand Research: Web 3.0-4.0-Mobile-Video-Cloud Collaborative ‎Services Technology‎
Date:   Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mission:    A non-invasive, user-centric, media monetizing service that learns what people ‘WILL’ like, from their ‎public ‎social media, matched to rewarding opportunities to learn more, no purchase required‎‎.‎

YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION (autodownload) >>>>>> http://bit.ly/smrc-fgu001-invite” bit.ly/smrc-fgu001-invite)  (your invitation to a by-invitation-only service).  Instant sign up form HERE

Welcome to the opportunity to be a part of a major social paradigm shift for humanity by safely creating value for ALL human social interaction/content – from interacting with friends and sponsors to serious social advocacy (using only PUBLIC social content, where all charities are held accountable for their social impact). By focusing on technologically capturing the socio-emotional character of the social web, while integrating business collaboration and research (web 3.0) with artificial intelligence/ configuration/ security/ big-data & Virtualization (Web 4.0); this cycle, for it’s users, creates a highly beneficial system of (1) content monetization from everyday content, which fuels, (2) highly personalized, altruistically, and financially rewarding offers, from sponsors who will know that their offers, co-branded with each user’s favorite causes, will be relevant, educational, scientifically engaging and never invasive.

Attractive to the 46%+ of every audience that typically never responds to invasive advertising.
Up to a 60%+  change in brand loyalty, based on a sponsor’s affiliation with a consumer’s favorite social cause.

This system is based on recent behavioral research, as it relates to motivation and philanthropy, and over 30 years of experience, successfully introducing some of the largest programs and cutting edge technology in the world.  It will become by far the most valuable app on the market; outperforming every user side and enterprise side based app.  Please take a few minutes and review this world changing service, which is brought possible by the natural evolution of social-technological innovation.


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