Celebrities, Musicians, Althletes and YOU… Imagine you and your top 5 favorite charities getting paid EVERY time you liked something!

Do you believe that value exists beyond a monetary system? Do you want to be part of a system the gives you and your favorite charitys credit for everything you do on all your social media sites????? Look no further!~ Sign up today to take advantage of this pre launch opportunity!

Foundation for Global Unity

THIS JUST IN!   Sponsors, Members, and Charity’s working together to pay everyone for their unique, public, and lifetime of social internet interests.  Imagine you and your top 5 favorite charities getting paid EVERY time you liked something!  That is only the first step.  Welcome to a new way of economic and social philanthropy which is revolutionizing the way we see “value” into a more holistic and practical paradigm.  The imagining is OVER.  Join today this invite only prelaunch social marketing for charity and step INto the new paradigm, and leave the words for the celebration parties.  Imagine instantly turning your fanbase, and or followers into instant credit for social change and enlightement!  Its here now, i hope your are 🙂

From:      Tuvasana Soma-Hank
Director, Foundation for Global Unity (a 501-c3)

Re:      ‎$137BB to Humanity  from Noninvasive, User Centric, Media ‎Monetizing Brand Research: Web 3.0-4.0-Mobile-Video-Cloud…

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