the Crest Project::

Gate 13 has just returned to Crestone Colorado to follow up with land projects. We currently have 2 1/2 acre parcels, one with housing already on it, where we currently work from. The lower parcel is to be developed into a hostel to house travelers and volunteers. We are upgrading the current house to bunk 4-6 more people. There are (2) 40 acre parcels we are currently in communication with to finalize aquisition. Along with other parcels still in preperation. There is a parcel of 4-20 acres in Asheville NC to assist in coop development for our East Coast Tribe along with The Occupy Tesla Community Project in Upstate New York. These lands along with our Lol Be Yucatan Project reflect the anchoring points of our hubs thus far. We have gained great momentum with. Resource, Media, Current Ecovillages, Organizations, Individuals, and other Alliances which reflect the shared vision we all intend. 

I am Tuva, Founder and Director of the Foundation For Global Unity. We are currently assembling the Team which will bring the following visions and more to fullest manifestation.

The Foundation is in need of financial support heart emoticon

You may state preference as to if you would like your donation to be to me personally or through the Foundation which is tax exempt.  smile emoticon

We intend to develop Grant and Donor income streams to assist in supporting our efforts. Until then i created this page in hopes that we can gain support to assist in our transitional co creations. Your support will assist with Immediate operational costs to administer, promote, educate and organize our efforts, resources, and alliances in the most efficient ways available.

Through your contributions we will add your name to a plaque at the Temple to Mankind we will create in Crestone Colorado, in the Center of our Core Institute/Garden location. Surrounded by blossoming geodesics provided Rock Ridgeway.

I am currently updating the websites and will continue updating until fusion has ignited.

All support is greatly appreciated. I can personally offer a media bundle of amazing projects of wisdom keepers and scientists i have worked with for the last 15 years to all who support. Along with a promotional gift bag of goodies to help share the new vibrational messeges of positive and conscious transformation.

our current websites are at

Currently In Resonance with:
>Lol Be International Ecovillage Yucatan Mexico with Hunbatz Men.
>Collaborate USA
> New Earth Nation
> Occupy Tesla
> Earth Guardians US
> Tribal Visions Music Festival
> The Resonance Project
> Center for Planetary Culture
> Foundation for the Law of Time
> Planet Art Network
> Emergence Earth
> Evolver Social Network
> Star Water Collective

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