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SPONSOR A WISDOM KEEPER! 50% of your donation will be granted to a Wisdom Keeper of your choice from the website below.

I have not done this in a while. A little fundraiser plug. We have a fun membership system set up with excellent perks… All work to come this far has been 95% unfunded… As we approach liftoff through consultation with private donors, we are putting a call out to the masses to put some green energy into the pot to help ignite the rockets! All contributions at this time will support massively focused effort to secure funding, land, and focus on a long term basis. We have the big picture enroute and lined with baby steps, land parcels, long term funding, a wonderful team, and a growing network of conscious caring beings world wide, it’s now up to the seeds of the tree to raise our voice! As a non profit we are partly membership based and funded, and all our work is accomplished through our collective effort… If you can drop some change, or wads in the bucket and we will be in contact very very soon… In Love and Service – Tuvasana

Gate 13 is an Educational, Humanitarian, Organization. Umbrellaed under the Foundation for Global Unity an Educational 501 c 3. Dedicated to the restoration of Peace on Earth, Cultural Preservation, and Sustainability. Through Implementation, Support, and Education of Modern Humanitarian Sciences and Ancient Wisdoms. Utilizing this synergy we hold space for the greatest potential good to manifest in our communities, and globally. Through awareness of accepting where the world is right now in this moment, we hold space for not the destruction, but the integration of resources available to move into a healthy future. Thank you for visiting.

I thank you infinitely in advance for your support… Contributions can be tax exempt through the Foundation for Global Unity 501 c 3.