The Temple of Hip Hop Minista Zin Uru, Tahir Qawwal and Truth NOW tonite on Sonic Ascension

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I am so stoked to announce that I will be interviewing Tahir Qawwal of Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali this Friday at 7 PM Hawaii time!!! Followed by 2 hours of Conscious HIP HOP Transmission at 8 PM interview with Temple of Hip Hop Minista Zin Uru live with AhluxAh and Gregory Funicello Truth Now who will carry the last hour through the heartwaves ! ! ! I did sound for Fannah Fi Allah last year at Omega Institute for Ecstatic Chant… And all i can say is holy holy holy goodness!!. So much spirit and love devotion pouring through this muse. If you have not heard them yet i highly recommend tuning in!!! via

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