Sponsor a Wisdom Keeper and Gate 13

Hello and Happy Solstice time. Greetings and Blessings to your flow and holyday cheer. If you would like to become a supporting member of our efforts please visit this link for details and choose the Wisdom Keeper which you would like to sponsor. Please share and repost. Our work here is largely unfunded, and done through lifetimes of devotion, not a need for a paycheck. We are co creating a new educational system and need support from our followers. So please feel free to help launch this ship!!! Gate 13 is a project of the Foundation for Global Unity 501 c 3 charitable not for profit. Committed to housing the wisdoms of the elders and sustainability experts in model locations in Crestone Colorado, Yucatan Mexico and Maui Hawaii. A Temple, and Cultural Museum shall be erected in each location built out of local and traditional means and guiding the future blossoming of the ecovillages through these ways. Thank you so much for being here and hearing the call!! Many blessings. http://omgate13.org/2015/08/03/sponsor-a-wisdom-keeper/