Elder Indigo Council Convenes on Maui in May!!!




Workshops, Transmissions, and Presentations and Performances with Hunbatz Men, John Perkins,  Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Sacha Stone, Alan Hicks, Uqualla Medicine Man, Climbing PoeTree, Itom Lab, AlunaVerse, Jah Jevi, Calixto Suarez, THEHEARTIFACT, Jonah Bolt, Jamie Janover, LionFire del Norte and Mary Munyal Leonard, Jerry Strongheart, Uqualla, AumRak Sapper, Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow, Raja Merk Dove, Laura Chiraya Fox, Adam DeArmon and Elder representatives, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Norman Katz “Dr Blue”, Chief Sonne Reyna, AshEL Seasunz, Emakhet and Zin Uru and more +

+++ Special Guests.

This is a drug and alcohol free family friendly event. In support of Conscious and Sustainable living.


Evenings after sunset we will bring some culturally rich and positive music from artists bringing the heart frequency to the masses.


Make reservations now at http://www.universe.com/elderindigo


FEATURING Music offerings by:::

Jah Levi http://www.jahlevi.com/

iTom Lab http://itomlab.com/

EARTH GUARDIANS::: / :: COLORADO:: www.earthguardians.org

THE HEARTIFACT/ HAWAII / https://www.facebook.com/Theheartifacthttps://theheartifact.wordpress.com/

AshEL SEASUNZ ::: http://www.earthamplified.com/about

CLIMBING POETREE ::: NYC ::: http://www.climbingpoetree.com/

EMAKHET AND ZIN URU/ :: CALIFORNIA::: / TEMPLE OF HIP HOP http://www.resistance2010.com/profile/ZinUru771

AhluxAh/ Hawaii/ Trip Hop, World Fusion www.soundcloud.com/ahluxah
+++ Special Guests.



An intimate, educational, multi-uni-cultural, and ceremonial retreat featuring Indigenous and Integral Elders, Educators, and Youth visionaries in honor and support of the Hawaiian Culture and Nation… To gather and cultivate cultural exchange, wisdoms, and sustainable solutions for our collective human family and communities on the path of integral sovereignty, in honor and recognition of the integral unique and diverse pieces which comprise this Unity. In a time when so much is left to Great Spirit, and the inherent oneness of life, we will synergize, initiate and celebrate our individual and collective intentions and prayers so that the pieces of this Unity, You and I, and our communities may thrive on the journey of integration and collective collaboration so that we may help and support one another in creating a better world.

Hunbatz Men will have extended workshops before and after the gather. To book private sessions, retreats, workshops or to host Hunbatz at your venue during this time please rsvp to Er Rai Melik on facebook.




Workshops, Music, Wisdom, Love, Culture


A Visionary Project of
The Foundation For Global Unity (F.G.U) and the Institute for Sustainable Sciences an Educational 501 c 3.

www.omgate13.org .

A portion of festival proceeds will be donated to :

La’a Kea Farm
A residential farm community where youth and adults with special needs are part of a thriving ‘ohana.

Earth Guardians Youth Group

Circle of Children Youth Group
William Weinshampel and Chauce Coxon http://circleofchildren.org/wp/

And others.



Sponsored/Affiliated in part by Temple of Peace, Maui Causes, Indigenous Native Americans organization (Adam DeArmon) , Earth Guardians, Circle of Children, Prayer Rock Foundation, Gate 13 Wisdoms School, Lol Be Community and Ecovillage, Starseed Scoiety, Mandala gift Store, S.O.S juice for the people, and more.




-Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow http://www.thetrustfrequency.net/

-LionFire Del Norte’s Shamanic Institute http://lionfire.co/

and Mary ‘Munyal’ Leonard

-Adam DeArmon International Center Of Spiritual And Ancestral Wisdom Indigenousnativeamericans.com

-Hunbatz Men’s University of Maya Yok’Ha https://www.facebook.com/comunidadmayalolbe/


-Grandmothers Naomi Tsosie (Dine’) and Belinda Eriacho (Dine’ and Zuni Pueblo)

-Ramsey Taum Mentored and trained by respected kūpuna (elders), he is a practitioner and instructor of several Native Hawaiian practices including http://ramsaytaum.com/

-MoJi of La’A Kea

-Itza Maya Elder Hunbatz Men Yucatan (Ceremonial Leader, Daykeeper, Mystery School Co Founder)

-Jeff Munoz Prayer Rock Foundation

-Adam DeArmon has agreed to appoint Inidigenous Leaders (I.N.A / Indigenous Native Americans Founder Indigenous Ambassador)

-Chief Sonne Reyna California (Yaqui Ceremonial Chief)

-LionFire del Norte (Four Corners Shamanic Gatekeeper and Star Elder)

-Jerry Strong Heart North Carolina (Cherokee Stone Wisdoms Keeper)

-Dr Raja Merk Dove of Stardoves.com Florida (Senior Star Nations Elder, Ceremonial Leader)

-Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey (Author’s of the Trust Frequency)

-Dr Blue New Mexico (Tribal TechnoShamanism)

-Emakhet and Zin Uru (Sphinx Mystery School Dream Council Founder and Minista of the Temple of HIP HOP) MUSIC PERFORMANCE

-Tuvasana Rai Melik (Gate 13 Mystery School Founder and Starseed Ambassador)

-Visionary Art with Nikki Lee Drumm https://www.facebook.com/NikkiLeeDrum




John Perkins Founder of Pachamama Alliance:  http://johnperkins.org/

Jonah Bolt (Founder of Starseed Society) www.starseedsociety.org

Truth i Manifest and Youth will transmit via the Smokey Mountains http://www.istarvision.com/

AUMRAK will join the Elder Indigo Council remotely from Europe via video feed. http://aumrakshaman.blogspot.com/

Jamie Janover will be transmitting Unified Field Wisdoms remotely via video. http://resonance.is/

Samavesha Moksha Gayatri Devi will be transmitting remotely via video, and contributing to the Elder Indigo Council on behalf of the Grand Council GAIA TREE http://www.speakingtreeoflife.com/services

Brett Bevell Staff Programs Manager of Omega Institute will be participate in the Elder / Indigo Council remotely sharing heart wisdoms from upstate New York via video. http://www.brettbevell.com/

Sacha Stone will be joining the Elder Indigo Council remotely via video in support of Sovereign and Sustainable living. https://newearthnation.org/

Camp Kaenae YMCA, Maui
13375 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708, USA