Welcome to Gate 13

April 2018 Update

We are currently in process (501 c 3) Renewal Acceptance date 12-12-17) of reforming the Board of Advisors and Executive teams for the Foundation for Global Unity..  Including Carl John (www.carljohn.com) as our new Executive Director, A grant writing team and much more.  We will continue to blog and share, as we calibrate our blueprints and systems for the New Earth transitions phase.  The pieces are there, here, now and available.  We are committed to bringing sustainable systems to the mainstream.  Our land models will be put into a Private Land Trust available and extended for the purposes expressed through our site.  Many additions have been added to the team.  We welcome you, to dancing awake the fifth sun.  The time is kNow.

Thank you for visiting the site.  You adding your voice to the work, supporting financially and sharing this page, is a key element of our success.

Thank you,

In Harmonic Serivce

Tuva Er Rai Melik

FGU Director/ Co Founder

We are currently in process of reforming and upgrading my foundation 501 c 3 project, i am director and co founder. we need solid “in the know” partners, and “investors” the systems and key pieces are dialed. We need operational support at this time to calibrate. You had mentioned being philanthropic. The Foundation for Global Unity is home to sustainable and spiritual sciences, indigenous lineages, Earth Guardianship alliances and holistic systems blueprints to ensure peaceful and sustainable transition from the grips of the Iron Age, as we welcome this new Age of Peace and Conscious integration of being.. I welcome you to our life’s works in any way you are open to receive. Aloha Ke Akua. http://www.gate13om.wordpress.com


Gate 13 is an Educational, Humanitarian, Organization.  Umbrellaed under the Foundation for Global Unity an Educational 501 c 3.  Dedicated to the restoration of Peace on Earth, Cultural Preservation, and Sustainability.  Through Implementation, Support, and Education of  Modern Humanitarian Sciences and Ancient Wisdoms.  Utilizing this synergy we hold space for the greatest potential good to manifest in our communities, and globally.  Through awareness of accepting where the world is right now in this moment, we hold space for not the destruction, but the integration of resources available to move into a healthy future.  Thank you for visiting. 

Please consider becoming a contributing member

and assist with our current mission objectives. 

In Lakech Ala Kin~

:Mission Objectives:

To cultivate wisely sustainable resources and their practical applications.

To increase connection to Creator through Lost Wisdoms.

To empower the innate birthright for self mastery.

Increase interaction with Cultural History.

To nourish the exchange of cultural and spiritual wisdom between Elders and Youth.

Foundation For Global Unity was Founded by DeAnna Elliot in 1994 to facilitate the work she calls “Cellular Echoes”  Here is a short video introduction.



The Foundation was reformed and relit upon Tuva and DeAnna’s meeting in Crestone Colorado in 2009.  2 years later in 2011 FGU would host Hunbatz Men and the Sacred Crystal Skulls at Dharma Ocean Temple on their US tour to 7 sacred sites to usher the Cosmic Age of Peace and Harmony to Mankind.

In 2014 Hunbatz contacted Tuva and offered the non profit a 2 acre parcel of land in the Developing Lol Be Community and School in the Yucatan, MX, near Chichen Itza.  To facilitate and house the Gate 13 Mystery School.  Which partnered with Hunbatz’ University.

We are committed to creating a home for the synergizing of Humanitarian, Indigenous and Spiritual Sciences.  To consult communities beyond the new Millennium into a Conscious Age of Peace.

We are currently nurturing Institute locations in Crestone Colorado, Lol Be Institute and Ecovillage with Maya Elder Hunbatz Men in Yucatan, Mexico, and Hawaii.  We intend to build Ancestral Temples to Humanity in each location housing local Indigenous Culture, a 4 directional Altar on the first story, and a venue for the Elders to share their wisdoms in a Sacred Way, while co creating sustainable and cutting edge living systems with the blessings of the Ancient Ones.  This is the Medicine we share.  This is why we are here.  Please consider becoming a Contributing Member or Donor to help manifest the vision.  In return you will become a contributing member of an ancient wisdom school, now restored, through Global and Local Unity and Love.

Thank you for entering Gate 13.




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