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After the onset of the banning of plastic straws, and hopefully other non Eco friendly products currently in our society, Space Pirate Trading Company, and the Foundation for Global Unity partner to offer exclusive beyond wholesale prices of high integrity sourced products. Catering to a sustainable economic model where all participate and thrive… We now bring this wonderful opportunity to share in the abundance of sustainable solutions. Exclusively for Humanitarian and Not for Profit projects which are holding space and focused on creating a society and culture in balance and harmony. Equipt with a replicable fundraising model available with custom printing, or the Eco friendly, trend setting logo of S.P.T Co. With price flexibility to suit your budget, or lack of. We invite you to support and become part of the flow by encouraging restaraunts, non profits, friends, cafes, corporations, and family to switch their current plastic or metal straws out for a Earth friendly, solution.

We can provide fiscal sponsorships where aligned!

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Sponsored by Space Pirate Trading Company and the Foundation for Global Unity

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Get your project or business name custom engraved on these straws and become a local source for a sustainable solution

we will give you 50% of profits from orders generated from your location!

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These are carefully designed and hand carved from naturally treated bamboo, helping you reduce your plastic impact on the world. Billions of plastic forks, knives, spoons, and straws are discarded every year around the world. Carrying this straw with you throughout your day allows you to avoid using plastic and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.Made in Bali, Indonesia, local bamboo from Jati Luwih village is treated using river water in a process that preserves the wood. Each piece is then carved and assembled by hand and finished with a food grade varnish.  This product can last up to a year of regular use before needing re-coating or replacement.  We can provide handmade displays with all first time custom orders.


Straws with CUSTOM wording/font

*250 (min) ($2.50 each) $625

*500 ($2.00 each) $1,000


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Who is Space Pirate Trading Company?

Space Pirate Trading Company was founded by Drew Pedersen and Jurriaan van den Hurk. Along with our friends, we are avid travelers, inspired by the places we see, and the artisans who continue hand-crafting products in a world increasingly dominated by large factories and automated production.

Our mission is to cultivate a more connected world by sharing cultures, forming relationships, and creating opportunity wherever we are. We believe that creating these connections contributes to a more conscious and sustainable world. Leveraging the global trade system that so often disconnects consumers and producers, we seek to expand a growing market of sustainable products that contribute to developing communities instead of harming them.

When we visit a new location, we immerse ourselves in the community and culture. This allows us to develop relationships with real people who understand our mission and principles. It also allows us to identify authentic producers and avoid imitators, ensuring that the products we carry actually adhere to our standards.

Our company lets us to make these products available to a wider audience, while allowing us to travel further and continue locating and expanding communities that are contributing positively to the economy, the climate, and their people.

Stewards of the Sharing Economy

As Space Pirates, we search far and deep into the places we travel for the best authentic, handmade items by skilled artisans. When we find an amazing item on our journeys, we track down the producers and try to meet them and observe their craft. If their practices follow our principles, we add their products to our inventory and create an Artisan Spotlight that:

Guarantees the products’ artisanal, sustainable, and fair trade qualities
Allows the viewer to connect with the artisan and art form via videos and images
Provides an online storefront for artisans that don’t have access to the web