Grassroots is alive and real.  As Margaret Mead once said “Don’t think a small group of dedicated individuals cannot change the world.  In fact, its the only thing that ever has.”  I, Tuva, started this mission in my early childhood to commit to the voices of the ancestors and heart guidance.  Now the pieces have formed to create a cohesive and longstanding organization of people and organziations whom are here to share in the restoration of this planet and our species.


If you resonate with our work.  Please help raise our voice and make a contribution that will assist our work directly.  We are securing Grant and Private funding avenues.  Until then we count on your support to ensure our work continues.  You will receive a media bundle, and the Maya Yoga Workbook, by Itza Maya Elder Hunbatz Men….  Also direct access to events, gatherings, ceremony, online teachings, ecovillage development projects, and other consciousness tools for our Awakening.


Preserving Culture and Earth.


$10+ per month Ambassador Membership

$100+ per month Djedi Ambassador Membership

$25 one time Rainbow Ambassador Membership

$100 +  Pillar Ambassador Membership

$1000+ Founding Ambassador Membership



Bringing together the worlds of cutting edge scientific theory and the guidance of the Indigenous Peoples of the World.  With centuries of combined knowledge and experience, Gate 13 and the Foundation For Global Unity are committed to securing funding, grants, research facilities, land, equipment and long term sustainable living for all of our supporters and Global Community.

Your contribution will be utilized to bring a synergy far beyond any one person can manifest.  The people represented on this site.  Do what they they do best, and often with no payments as it is a labor of love.  We intened to create a resource pool to support these visions and projects to their completion.  Your contribution is a crucial drop in the bucket of the pool we are manifesting.

If you wish to support a specific project or lineage, please note that in the form below.  And we will ensure 1/2 of your donation goes directly to the person or organization of your choice.  The other 50% will be used for administration costs as we launch!


Paypal or bank wire:


Thank you so much for your continued support!

Please consider making a modest monthly donation to optimize our budgeting ability.

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