Board / Advisors

Update: Newly appointed Executive Director:  Carl John


Carl John : Executive Director


Tuva Soma Hank

Co-Founder/Director FGU: Gate 13

Indigenous and Earth Ambassador Minister/ International Parliament

Intuitive Natural Healer
Starseed, Cherokee/Kiowa Arcturian, Sirian.
Violet Flame Transmissions/ Unity Grid Integration
Wisdom/Lineage Keeper
/ Tertonic and Akashic Memory
Co Founder/ Director Foundation for Global Unity
Gate 13 Wisdoms School

Tuvasana has dedicated nearly 20 years working professionally with music, film, publishing and engineering, ushering forth the preservation of Ancient Wisdoms and Sustainable Visions for the inevitable instantiation of Earth’s Period of Peace.  Tuvasana has trained and worked with Wisdom Keepers from Huna, Maya, Aztec, Vedic, Lakota, Hopi, Celtic, Maori, Hermetic, Incan, and ET origins.  He is dedicated to manifesting Yogic Lifestyle in all areas of everyday experience.  Being empathic to the misuse and manipulations of life during Earth’s training period as an Arcturian, Sirian starseed/Shephard.  He shares creation models of life being liberated through fusion opposed to fission, templates of unity consciousness, and unity principles, alchemy, violet flame, celestial contact, and earth guardianship through past life recollection, and models left by sustainable and spiritual leaders of our times.  Including being last apprentice of Hopi Prophecy messenger Eesau John Kimmey,  Tuva has worked closely with and mentored by Hunbatz Men, John Major Jenkins, LionFire Del Norte, Thunderbeat, as well as placed as co steward to the archives of Jim Channon, Jose Arguelles among others dedicated to Peace and Balance on Planet Earth.   More info the Foundation for Global Unity’s Mission Here

Gate 13/FGU Advisor and PR/Coalition Ambassador


Jonah Bolt

Gate 13/FGU Advisor and Starseed Ambassador


Fabienne Sarfati

Spiritual Advisor


Lee Keiser

Gate 13/FGU Advisor

Permaculture, Environmental Design Ambassador


Chief Sonne Reyna

Gate 13/ FGU Advisor and Yaqui 1st Nations Ambassador


Robert Roskind

 FGU Advisor and One Love Ambassador


Anne Lossing

FGU Advisor and Indigenous Ambassador and

Maya Education Ambassador/Tikal, Guatemala


Micahel Bertin

Gate 13/ FGU Advisor and Architectural Harmonics Ambassador


Rock Ridgeway

Gate 13 / FGU Advisor and Geodesic and Humanitarian Housing Ambassador


Benjamin Woods

Gate 13 / FGU Advisor and Medicinal Herbs and Sacred Construction Ambassador


John Milton

Gate 13 / FGU Advisor and Way of Nature Ambassador

Doug's Picture from Art

Doug Feese

Gate 13 / FGU Advisor and AstroTonal Science Ambassador


Nirav Nadam

Gate 13 / FGU Advisor and Ceremonial Ambassador/ Venezuala 


Rev. Emakhet Uru
Gate 13 /FGU Ambassador
is the Founder of Sphinx Mystery School and Priestess of the Temple of Isis. She is a community facilitator, star seed, and ancient wisdom keeper. She has produced several events and temple spaces, including the Forestchild Beauty Temple and the Temple of the Sphinx.
“Truth” Gregory Funicello
Gate 13/FGU Advisor and Community Outreach Coordinator

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