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Dear: Tuvasana Esteban Hank




The Maya Cultural Center Lol is inviting new members who want to live in it so that we can find together a different pathway that will take us to the greatness of the Grand Cosmic Wisdom.


Lol Be is offering this opportunity to any human being who is aware that the greatness will only come when we create that community where we will live integrated as beings with cosmic minds. It is then when we will really learn about the great powers Hunab K’u gave us.


Then let us know that greatness owned by every human being and Lol Be is the right place for that since it will help us to begin to understand it. This place was inhabited by the great master teachers and now their spirits are going to reincarnate in the spirits of the ones who will live here. With the help of these spirits, the true powers we were granted by Hunab K’u when we were created here and there are going to get manifested.


So let us live this wisdom so that we can begin to walk the road to the dimension that will save us and can have access to the memory of cosmic Hunab K’u. This way we will turn into the true universal humans that are so needed to understand our Mother Earth and we can live in a total harmony.


Any initiate who gets interested in this invitation is kindly asked to write us requesting more information about how to become a member of the Maya Community Lol Be. We will be glad to inform you about the terms and conditions to become a member of this Maya Itza Community Lol Be, in Yucatan, Mexico.


May the Great Spirit be always with you.


Hunbatz Men

Maya Itza Tradition



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Tuvasana Esteban Soma


Solar Brother Tuvasana Esteban:


May the Great Father Sun be with you when you receive this e-mail.


I agree with your idea of creating a community in Colorado where we can teach all the aspects of the Mayan wisdom. Then we could bring to the sacred Mayan lands people who are interested in getting initiated within this Mayan wisdom.


By the way, here I am providing you our web site of the Lol Be community so you can get a better idea of the projects we are working on. Please take a look at it. www.themayas.com.mx


Also I am here providing you our web site of the Mayan University so you get a better idea of what we do as a Mayan University. Please see this web site. www.univyokhahmaya.org


After you see all this information we will be able to start working together on projects that will allow us share this cosmic information with the mankind.


May the Great Spirit be always with you.


Hunbatz Men

Maya Itza Tradition




Hunbatz Men <mayan20@prodigy.net.mx>

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General information

For all Initiates


Solar Initiate Tuva Esteban Hank:


May the Great Father Sun be with you when you receive this e-mail.


I would like to inform the initiates from all over the world that we have already held the first international congress of the Council of World Elders. It was carried out in the sacred lands of Germany last September 2011.


It is also worth mentioning that in the Mayan civilization one could only be a member of the Council of Elders when he or she turned 52 years old. This age meant that one had already turned 13 in a number of 8 times. And when one turned 104, that meant that he or she had reached their duality or twice the short cycle of the Pleiades Constellation.


This is a brief description of the Council of Elders in the Mayan social system of the confederate peoples of Tamuanchan.


When a person became 104 years old, he or she was given the most important ritual any other human being could ever have. He or she was conjugated with all the sacred numerology integrated in his or her body; they were considered living symbols of the whole Mayan civilization in the “Confederation of Hanahuac”. After this cycle of life, the time of a human being was symbolically finished; it was customary for the young people to visit those 104 year old people to watch their faces and touch their hands because this represented a way to touch time and watch its face in order to remember their God Sun or Goddess Moon. Each wrinkle in their faces represented the years they had lived and only by touching them one could learn how to count time.


These 104 year old people became children of the community again since at this age the cycle of life of the Pleiades would have already completed its duality of 52 years in the body of a human being. It was obligatory that both young men and women considered these elderly people as living symbols of the Pleiades on the Mother Earth because just by watching them one could see the dimension of the cycles of time printed on their red skins.


May the Great Spirit be always with you.


Maya Itza Council of Elders

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