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Welcome to Bamboo for Peace! 

We are delighted to partner with you to offer you high quality, hand crafted, fair tade bamboo straws to support your efforts in making the world a better place.  Here you can sign up through the form, and submit your order below (we process through paypal but you do not need an account with paypal to check out with cc/debit card or bitcoin.  We offer two packages of either 200 or 500 straws, with custom engraving that has your project website or organization name to help share the good news!


These are carefully designed and hand carved from naturally treated bamboo, helping you reduce your plastic impact on the world. Billions of plastic forks, knives, spoons, and straws are discarded every year around the world. Carrying this straw with you throughout your day allows you to avoid using plastic and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Made in Bali, Indonesia, local bamboo from Jati Luwih village is treated using river water in a process that preserves the wood. Each piece is then carved and assembled by hand and finished with a food grade varnish.  This product can last up to a year of regular use before needing re-coating or replacement.

Ready to get started?

It’s Easy.

A) You provide us with info that validates you are not a robot and are here to make the world a better place.

B) You then place an order for either 250 or 500 straws with your approved non profit or organization name or website

The idea here is that you can use half of your investment to take samples to local businesses and ideally co create orders for them in phasing out of disposable plastic straws. The other half you can sell to friends, at farmer’s markets, to stores for small orders, or however you wish to navigate your newly discovered alchemical majic!

Help support the zero waste transition while contributing to a new economy! As well as share fun promo and community organizing tools!!!

C) Our partners at Space Pirate Trading will hire high quality local artisans in Bali Indonesia to craft a very well made assortment of bamboo straws, cured, and coated with a food grade varnish, and ship them on the first Space Pirate vessel to your desired location.  Feel free to visit them at (it’s really co, it’s not a typo) 🙂

D) We will provide you with strategic plans, strategy, brochures, and ideas to get you goin on your way to getting these straws into the world!!!  While also promoting your project and work through our Bamboo For Peace Network (coming soon).

We want people to feel good about people paying $3, 5, even $10 a piece for these long lasting solutions to a modern problem.  The idea is to build value around, knowing the source of our straws, the product’s integrity, how it can be shared in the community, and offered in the most efficient and effective way, and it’s positive impact on the environement.  The efficient cost can help us be flexible in our pricing and make it cheaper for bulk orders, for instance if you sell 500 straws to a local business!  We will create a community dialogue around this as we build the team!  Thanks for joining Bamboo for Peace!!

1) fill out them form as per your particular choice of engagement via the drop down boxes.  Identify the quantity of your package in the text section.

2) click submit, and then

3) continue on to payment via paypal, CC/Debit, or bitcoin.  Thank you!  And we look forward to learning more about how we can support your project.  You DO NOT need a paypal account to use your cc/debit at check out!  Aloha.


Please contact to process check orders by phone


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