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::82 PAGES::

The Maya Yoga (Yok’hah) work includes 8 Key systems of Holistic Yoga Practice including: Mantra (chant), Mudra (hand signs),

Pranayam (breath), Hatha (posture), and Meditation used in sequence to attain a Unified state of awareness.

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This work is sanctioned through Hunbatz Men’s Cosmic Initiatic University out the Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


Also includes philosophy and cosmology in the following areas which i will be adding first hand experience to in the edited version.  

Kindle Edition available for 10$

Guided by Master Hunbatz.

Origin of the Mayan People and History of Maya Mysticism

Maya Glyphic Writing

Cosmic Maya Calendars

Mayan Mystic Language and The Zuvuya as a Maya Mystery

Maya Social Organization: The Kuchteel & The Cycles of Life

Maya Sexual Education.

The Chakras as Generators of Life

Sacred Maya Geometry

The Human Body as a Duality of Energy

Deities of the Maya Cosmogony



It is with great pleasure and honor that I write to you in regards to this project.  Hunbatz Men has asked me to partner with him to edit, expand, and research his current University workbook into a published piece.  I am also organizing to open and run a Mystery School in Colorado.  With my current understanding of Maestro being exclusively published through Bear and Company I feel that I am ready to contact you for a professional end result.

My name is Tuvasana Eseban Soma-Hank,  I am of Cherokee and Scottish, and the EL and Ra Star Lineages.  I am a published writer in the Library of Congress for a work of poetry entitled “Thoughts of Time”, my editor is Paul Hindman, creator of Rainbow Brite, Zubilee Zoo, and the Shirt tales, and also co writer of the most recent bestselling children’s books series, “Humpty Dumpy Junior Hardboiled Detective”.  I have not reached out to any other Publishing Company.  And I do not intend to.  I have attached a pdf file of the University format book for your enjoyment.  I hope that you will welcome this project to be published through your Company and even potentially consider an advance for the work.  As I am sure that you, of anyone, know the success of Hunbatz’ works.  I intend to travel with my editor to the Yucatan for no less then 2 months for research and production.

Over the past 10 years I have worked closely with Hunbatz Men, Lennie Martin, Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, Drunvalo Melchizedek, LionFire del Norte, Thunderbeat Devara, Robert Roskind, Merlin, and others on this Initiatic journey.  Along with other Maya Elders, Huna Wisdom Keepers, Cherokee, and others who have illumined the flame of my inner most truths.  In 2005 i travelled to Tikal and spent extensive time with the Maya Culture including Ta Ta Pedro Cruz.  Where we did 7 days of ceremony leading of to Dec 21st.  This was my introduction to the Maya culture, followed by a 5 month sojourn the the Guatemala Highlands of Lake Atitlantis.  I also co organized the Prayer Run for World Peace that year for Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota Sioux Nation.  Where I ran with a Youth Group, relay style 20-30 miles per day from Taos Pueblo to Piedmont South Dakota.  This was my re-invitation to the Red Road.  In 2011 I co organized the Crystal Skulls Pilgrimage with Hunbatz Men and Drunvalo Melchizedek, which will be included in my Memoirs.

I am currently compiling my own work as well, entitled, “Memoirs of the End of Time”  Outlining my personal Initiatic Journey in this Earth Walk and the various apprenticeships, adventures and insights which culminated.  I invite you warmly to read the short outline at my website (the last 2 posts most pertinent) (  I would love the opportunity to publish this through your company as well upon completion of Maestro Hunbatz’ work.

I was gifted the original manuscript by the University in 2010 and have been studying in depth.  Although i accept this as a lifetime of learning with this system.  I also feel that by getting this information out now, along with the guidance of Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, and others who have assisted me on the path.  I feel i am most certainly able to provide you with a professional end product, along with my Editor, Paul Hindman.  Please enjoy the manuscript, and I truly hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you so very much for your time and sacred works.

Happy 2013,
Tuvasana Soma-Hank
Director: Foundation For Global Unity
720 336 8575

Tuvasana has been asked by Maya Elder Hunbatz Men to Edit for Publication, including adding first hand experience to his Maya Yoga Educational Manual.  As well as to teach and share through classes of this once hidden ancient system of Yoga, Indigenous to our Sacred Turtle Island.

:::Feel free to contact Tuvasana for more info OR to book a class today at 720 336 8575:::

Tuvasana offers an introductionary class on Maya Elder Hunbatz Men’s Maya Yok’Hah (Yoga) System.  As well as a 5-7 day intensive which covers 8 different “modes” combining the 5 elements listed below. Along with over 10 years of working intimately with the Maya Culture, Tuva will share the Enlightened side of the Mayan Culture, as an offering to the dissolution of doomsday surrounding 2012.  This reveals an ancient and modern recognized connection to the Tibetan yogic systems.  In this system, there are Eight total focused disciplines which contain (5 Elements): yogic postures, mudras, mantras, breathing and meditations, which connect us to our Cosmic and Earth Source within, while gaining a deep sense of spiritual communion and expansion through these, once hidden, ancient teachings.

Please feel free to PURCHASE Hunbatz’ Pre Published edition to support the final product.  All purchases will be awarded a digital copy of the finished work.  To do so simply go to the paypal link and donate a suggested contribution of $33.  And you will be promptly sent the :SECURE: PDF file to read online or print for your Spiritual Education in Maya Mysticism.   Please note Maya Yoga in the message form and email to ensure proper delivery…

Maestro Hunbatz Men will receive 50% of all monies raised through this fund…  The rest will support our co works together.  Which includes the erection of an Ancestral Temple near Crestone Colorado on 40 acres of Pristine land near the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  As well as continuing the sharing of the Enlightened side of the Ancient and Modern Maya Culture.
Tuvasana Esteban Soma-Hank is a Maya “Solar Initiate” and has been sensitive to the Native Spirits of Turtle Island since growing up on the banks of the Mississippi River.  He founded Gate13 with Maya Elder Hunbatz Men in 2009 after visiting Hunbatz at his ceremonial land in Yucatan, Mexico in 2008.  His interest in the Maya Culture began in 2002 upon working very closely with the Maya and Native Spiritual Guides and Teachers.  This guidance brought him to work closely with Maya Daykeeper Meryl, John Major Jenkins, Jose Arguelles and the Planet Art Network, Sacred Fire Cermonies and Shamanic Studies abroad and in the U.S.A with AumRak, LionFire, and Thunderbeat, creating various productions and presentations.  In 2005 with World Peace Ambassador of the Maya Counsel Ta Ta Pedro Cruzv at Activation Maya Ceremonies at Tikal Guetemala, to open and honor the gateway to the last 7 year cycle leading to 2012.  His spiritual work was acknowledged by 13th Generation Maya Elder Granfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, with an invitation to Guatemala. Tuvasana also received transmissions by various other Maya Elders. He has also co-organized the Global Alliance of Youth and Adults and Youth Leaders In Action and was honored for his sacred work by Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

In the past nine years, Tuvasana has spent his Reiki Master II and Shamanic training with Thunderbeat, AumRak, LionFire and others, exploring the functionality of the Mechanistic Bio Symbiosis of the Chakra Systems and optimizing methods of Calibration through Color, Sound and Light visualization practices, overtone chanting, and breath techniques.  Through these meditations utilizing various forms of Sacred Healing modalities, he works to activate sacred sites all over the United States, MesoAmerica, and Hawaii.  With an Associate’s Degree in Recording Arts, Tuvasana has dedicated over 10 years working professionally with music, film and engineering in ushering forth and preserving ancient Wisdoms and sustainable visions for the inevitable instantiation of Earth’s Period of Peace.  Tuvasana has studied with Wisdom Keepers from Huna, Maya, Aztec, Vedic, Lakota, Hopi, Celtic, Maori, Inca, and ET origins and is dedicated to manifesting Yogic Lifestyle in all areas of everyday experience.   For more information, please check out:

We are organizing multiple parcels of land to be launched immediately into hubs for Greenhouses, Scientific Research, Sustainability workshops as we develop the coop, and Spiritual practice and training. We will develop an Environmental / Spiritual Institute ::: Linking the below hubs, along with other Global Communities and Networks. Our Faculty at Gate 13 specialize in hosting students and travelers, through Apprenticeships, Sacred Sites Tours, Work Trade/Study, and Workshops. We will extend participation to include traveling to and from their locations on Earth, and our Crest Project locations and Affiliates.

The lands we are working with are currently owned by Kin who support this vision and wish to offer all or a piece of what they currently own. We intend to develop these parcels into a Common Land Trust. Owned only by the organization which we all become Ambassadors of…

::Temple to Mankind Pyramid Project:: Crestone Colorado

On a 40 acre+ parcel of land near Crestone Colorado. We will erect a 3 story Adobe Pyramid in honor of the 1st Nations People. The first story will be a Open Year Round Universal Temple to Mankind. 4 directions, 4 elements. With custom ceiling mural of 4 Goddesses by local James Joseph Roderick. The second story will house a public donation based Shamanic / 4 Corners Museum donated by private collectors including LionFire del Norte… The 3rd story will be an alchemy/workshop/activation hub.

:::: Current Land Parcels::::

Crestone, CO 40+ acres

1 (20) acre parcel 20 miles North of Asheville, N.C. Currently a large house and bungalows exists. Waterfall retreat sanctuary.

Lol Be Ecovillage and University 13 (2) acre parcels available for 10k now. Current community land has showers, observatory built by Hunbatz Men, Ancestral Ceremonial Grounds, Fresh water, lots of fruit trees and opportunity to work closely with Itza Maya Elder Hunbatz Men.

New Earth Project

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