AhluxAh Media



Venus Alchemy Promo
Edit/Post Production

Love’s Presence with Lucinda Loves
Edit/ Post Production

POPTALKS™ teaser Featuring Sacha Stone, Laura Eisenhower, Jamie Janover, Ashel Seasunz, Emakhet and Zin Uru, Emperor, Adam Apollo Amorastreya, Jeremy Saffron, Donnie Pike, Truth i Manifest and Nex Millen and more to come !

Edit, Director of Photography, Post Production, Associate Producer

Edit, Post Production
May 19th Call to Action! Community Farmland Initiative


“Pirates of the Sun” Reality TV teaser: Cameraman, Edit and Post Production

Produced and Edited this Music Video with Friend Darin Schaffer:

Chakra Temples, Animation, and Edit for LionFire David Leonard:

Vortex Tours: Cameraman, Edit, Producer for Raja Merk Stardove

Edit, Composition:

Stardoves Interview Edits (volunteer work with minimal gear access) ❤ :

Transcription, editing and archival for John Kimmey 2008-2011

Jack Hopper Trilogy


The Epic Story by JOHN KIMMEY Book I: JACK HOPPER AND THE POWER CRISIS Book II: JACK HOPPER AND THE TIME OF PURIFICATION Book III: JACK HOPPER IN THE FIFTH WORLD Their service to their people is to maintain the integrity of the information so that the instructions inherent within will be available to each […]

Download the Jack Hopper Trilogy

Never Fear, Jack Hopper’s Here! Dissatisfied with the Hollowood versions of the end of the world? Jack Hopper Trilogy is the antidote to fear, terror and hopelessness. Transformation and Empowerment is the name of the game. Jack Hopper is the hero in all of us. Using the Hopi Prophecy as his guide, author John Kimmey, […]


Jack Hopper Trilogy Reviews If I were to choose one story for everybody to read, I’d pick the Jack Hopper Trilogy. This would cause minds to quicken and become aligned in harmony with the Universe. This charming trilogy is the finest example of a fictional tale speaking the underlying, time-tested truth. As you read along […]





pavilion sizes sized


YM Title Page


Photo 126

original art from Sweet Thunder (c)

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