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I have not done this in a while. A little fundraiser plug. We have a fun membership system set up with excellent perks… All work to come this far has been 95% unfunded… As we approach liftoff through consultation with private donors, we are putting a call out to the masses to put some green energy into the pot to help ignite the rockets! All contributions at this time will support massively focused effort to secure funding, land, and focus on a long term basis. We have the big picture enroute and lined with baby steps, land parcels, long term funding, a wonderful team, and a growing network of conscious caring beings world wide, it’s now up to the seeds of the tree to raise our voice! As a non profit we are partly membership based and funded, and all our work is accomplished through our collective effort… If you can drop some change, or wads in the bucket and we will be in contact very very soon… In Love and Service – Tuvasana

Gate 13 is an Educational, Humanitarian, Organization. Umbrellaed under the Foundation for Global Unity an Educational 501 c 3. Dedicated to the restoration of Peace on Earth, Cultural Preservation, and Sustainability. Through Implementation, Support, and Education of Modern Humanitarian Sciences and Ancient Wisdoms. Utilizing this synergy we hold space for the greatest potential good to manifest in our communities, and globally. Through awareness of accepting where the world is right now in this moment, we hold space for not the destruction, but the integration of resources available to move into a healthy future. Thank you for visiting.

I thank you infinitely in advance for your support… Contributions can be tax exempt through the Foundation for Global Unity 501 c 3.


Thank you all for your love and support.  I am so happy to be able to share that  since January our website has had over 600 hits from over 45 countries on every continent of this shining planet.  I am so grateful and inspired to continue to expand and evolve our efforts and synergies here at Gate 13.  It makes the many hours and lifetimes of work on many peoples behalf certainly worth the effort to know people are receiving and appreciating what we have to offer.  Please consider becoming a supporting member as there are a number of us volunteering and some full time to ensure the work continues and blooms.  Donations can be tax exempt through the Foundation for Global Unity.  Many Blessings.  ❤ and Gratitude.


the Crest Project::

Gate 13 has just returned to Crestone Colorado to follow up with land projects. We currently have 2 1/2 acre parcels, one with housing already on it, where we currently work from. The lower parcel is to be developed into a hostel to house travelers and volunteers. We are upgrading the current house to bunk 4-6 more people. There are (2) 40 acre parcels we are currently in communication with to finalize aquisition. Along with other parcels still in preperation. There is a parcel of 4-20 acres in Asheville NC to assist in coop development for our East Coast Tribe along with The Occupy Tesla Community Project in Upstate New York. These lands along with our Lol Be Yucatan Project reflect the anchoring points of our hubs thus far. We have gained great momentum with. Resource, Media, Current Ecovillages, Organizations, Individuals, and other Alliances which reflect the shared vision we all intend. 

I am Tuva, Founder and Director of the Foundation For Global Unity. We are currently assembling the Team which will bring the following visions and more to fullest manifestation.

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We intend to develop Grant and Donor income streams to assist in supporting our efforts. Until then i created this page in hopes that we can gain support to assist in our transitional co creations. Your support will assist with Immediate operational costs to administer, promote, educate and organize our efforts, resources, and alliances in the most efficient ways available.

Through your contributions we will add your name to a plaque at the Temple to Mankind we will create in Crestone Colorado, in the Center of our Core Institute/Garden location. Surrounded by blossoming geodesics provided Rock Ridgeway.

I am currently updating the websites and will continue updating until fusion has ignited.

All support is greatly appreciated. I can personally offer a media bundle of amazing projects of wisdom keepers and scientists i have worked with for the last 15 years to all who support. Along with a promotional gift bag of goodies to help share the new vibrational messeges of positive and conscious transformation.

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>Lol Be International Ecovillage Yucatan Mexico with Hunbatz Men.
>Collaborate USA
> New Earth Nation
> Occupy Tesla
> Earth Guardians US
> Tribal Visions Music Festival
> The Resonance Project
> Center for Planetary Culture
> Foundation for the Law of Time
> Planet Art Network
> Emergence Earth
> Evolver Social Network
> Star Water Collective

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Lol Be International Ecovillage and Indigenous University

Lol-Be in Mayan means “Flower-Way” or “Road of the Flower.” The purpose of the Lol-Be is to demonstrate the beauty and perfection of the Mayan way of living in harmony with nature and all beings. As the flower unfolds to bring joy and peace to its surroundings, Lol-Be will be the flowering of Maya wisdom as a guide to ecological living and building international community.




The property of Lol-Be is located 45 minutes from Merida, the capital city of the Yucatan state in Mexico, in Xocchel municipio. This quiet property in the countryside is ideally located in the heart of the Mayalands. Many large trees provide colorful flowers and welcome shade around the renovated house that will serve as a cultural center. It is close to the famous sacred site of Chichen Itza, and about 2 hours from Cancun. Excellent modern highways pass through the eastern and western borders of the land, connecting it with Merida and Cancun, both large cities with international airports.




Work Plan for the Lol-Be Property




The property is divided into 5 different areas, each serving a special purpose. These areas inter-relate to demonstrate aspects of the Maya way of living, that harmonizes lifestyle and homes, native plants and flowers, ceremonial practices, sacred architecture and structures that express Maya spirituality, and natural ecological processes. In addition, an international community will be developed where people of diverse cultures can live in harmony, and in accord with the ecological and spiritual principles of the Cosmic Maya.




Area 1


This area is devoted to traditional Mayan culture and spiritual practices. On the highest ridge, a pyramid will be built for sacred ceremonies according to ancient traditions. It will be a half-scale model of the Pyramid of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza. Typical palapas and other structures of a Mayan village will be constructed. This area will provide for investigations of Mayan culture, mathematics, sciences, rites and ceremonies.




Area 2


This area is used to grow native fruits and vegetables. Unusual and endangered fruit trees will be cultivated, and the nutritional values including proteins and vitamins of these plants will be studied. Many fruits and vegetables used to sustain health of the ancient Maya civilization have been forgotten and are not regularly consumed at present. This part of the project will reintroduce these plants and encourage contemporary Mayas to use them.




Area 3


This area will contain a ceremonial circle for honoring the directions according to ancient Maya tradition. Around  the circle are planted many varieties of the “Flora Maya,” a sweet-scented flowering shrub. Many other native flowers will be grown here, to preserve these beautiful native plants and introduce them to visitors. It will be open as a tourist attraction where local and international tourists can admire the beauty and serenity of aromatic flowers. An arch will be built on the hill leading to the ceremonial circle. At dawn, the rising sun will shine through the arch and add its power to the ceremonies.




Area 4


In this area, the largest tract within the Lol-Be property, the international community will be housed. People who are sympathetic with the purposes of Lol-Be and who desire to live in accord with Maya wisdom and traditions will be invited to live here. Potential members will apply and be approved by the Council of Elders. Within guidelines set by the Council, members can build a house in which they can live full or part time, rent or share with other compatible people. Members will participate in other activities at Lol-Be including ceremonies and educational programs.




Area 5


The second largest tract within the Lol-Be property, this is dedicated as an ecological preserve. The native flora and fauna will be encouraged to follow their natural processes. Additional native trees and plants will be planted so that in the course of time, a true Mayan jungle will be created. One large cave has been found in this area, typical of those the ancient Maya used for sacred purposes. It is being registered as an archaeological site with INAH. No doubt other archaeological sites exist on the property. These will be developed enough for small-scale tourist visits, while preserving the native ecology of the area. Environmental and plant scientists and archaeologists will be invited to study the tropical dry forest and Mayan structures.








Hunbatz Men grew up in a Maya village and was the first member of his family to receive advanced education and visit the United States. He continues the ancient oral tradition of Maya wisdom, passed down in his family and village for generations.




He was the first Maya shaman to bring their hidden knowledge to a broader public. Over 25 years ago he began teaching the Maya cosmovision and the ways of the shamans. He has conducted numerous conferences and pilgrimages to the sacred sites in Mexico and Guatemala. A large international following has developed and Hunbatz in known and respected in many countries in Europe and North America.




He originated the concept of Schools of the Maya Mysteries, and trained leaders to found these schools in various countries. Hunbatz has initiated many people into the solar tradition of the Mayas, forming a web of Solar Initiates practicing Maya spirituality and rituals.




Over the past two decades, Hunbatz led many ceremonies to activate the pyramid temples of Maya sacred sites. Hundreds to thousands of initiates joined to surround these cosmic transmitter centers, reawakening the harmonics with chanting and prayer that activated cosmic connections. Now visitors to such sites as Tikal, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Dzibilchaltun, Palenque and Xunantunich can feel the powerful energies emitted.




Lol-Be is the culminating project for Hunbatz Men. On this land he plans to bring together an international community sympathetic to Maya teachings, establish a Mayan ceremonial site with a pyramid and traditional Maya village, revive native fruit trees and flowering plants for education and appreciation, house a cultural and learning center, and conduct an ecological project to preserve native forests and archaeological sites.




What Lol-Be needs




Human, material and financial capital are necessary to further develop the Lol-Be project.




The following are ways in which Lol-Be can receive support:




1. Volunteer workers to help the physical development of the land. The property needs cleaning, planting of fruit trees and flowers, renovation of existing structures, roads and path improvements.




2. Skilled carpenters and builders to assist in creating the Mayan village and pyramid, and other structures for the cultural and learning center.




3. Archaeologists to excavate the present sites and explore for other sites on the property.




4. After Lol-Be becomes a not for profit corporation in Mexico, donors to provide financial means for its development and programs.




5. Members from various countries interested in participating in the international community, who would underwrite building housing for this community, and consider living there permanently or part-time.




6. A world-wide network with website and e-mail links to any sympathetic, like-minded person or group. This provides invaluable publicity and helps inform thousands of people about the Lol-Be project

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Hunbatz Men’s Maya Yoga workbook now available on Kindle! Please repost and share with your friends :). Sacred Maya teachings for our collective awakening… I am also available for workshops and classes. please visit for more info. blessings be.

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It is DONE!! SAY IT OUT LOUD! Heather has filed this latest document, possibly the final one. For the best effect to manifest this it is best to read out loud!!! Transcript here: Music by Deep Forest.


A. Eternal essence IS, unrebutted;

B. All value that IS, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

C. All that IS embodied, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

D. All that IS, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

E. Eternal essence’s universe IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

F. Any and all existences that ARE, ARE eternal essence’s universe, unrebutted;

G. All records BE eternal essence, unrebutted;

H. Eternal essence IS Absolute Light, unrebutted;

I. Eternal essence IS Absolute Love, unrebutted;

J. Eternal essence IS Absolute Truth, unrebutted;

K. Eternal essence IS Absolute;

L. In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory, experience and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence , unrebutted;

M. In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence embodied in each and all manifestations in any and all existences of eternal essence’s universe, unrebutted;

II. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE AUDIT AND RECONCILIATION, that all that IS has been fully audited and reconciled into Absolute, eternal essence, inclusive of all trusts, systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies, and any and all other limits, unrebutted;

III. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that all that IS, knows Absolute Truth and the record of Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of heart, unrebutted;

IV. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that all that IS, experiences Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of DO’ing, unrebutted;

V. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO’ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence’s universe, unrebutted;

VI. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO’ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence’s universe, are free and free of debt, unrebutted;


SO IT IS DONE, unrebutted;

BTW this version is simplified, the actual DOC is much more elaborate and formal and lawful!!!