Welcome to F.G.U

Welcome to the Foundation for Global Unity


New Website Coming Soon:  Until then please enjoy our menu options that share the past 15+ years of our work to bridge Science and Spirit, the Elders and Youth, and Indigenous and Modern sustainable Knowledge.

We are dedicated to housing, protecting, and implementing Scientific and Spiritual lineages of knowledge.  Co Creating regional hubs, resource based economic models, conscious businesses, artists, and cooperative systems that are working towards a common goal of peace and sustainability on our planet and within our cultures.

By protecting lands through mutually beneficial Land Trust Agreements, cultivating sustainable business models, creating long term music art and education centers that will serve as a platform of universal knowledge for regional application of sustainable sciences through the ancestral knowledge of the land, in an effort to distinct the need for localized permaculture knowledge.

Partnering, lands, businesses, artists, musicians, farmers and more through a collaborative and even grassroots community.  Welcome.  We have in house faculty available for booking as well as venues around the world to support you in getting your wisdom to the world.